Upcoming Talk

I will give an invited talk at the Chatbots Track at the Deep Learning Summit London, on 22 September 2016.

AI & deep learning are powering interactive messaging services known as chatbots & virtual assistants, which use conversational interfaces to create deeper, more personalised one-to-one customer experiences. The Chatbot Track will explore the technical advancements in deep learning, NLP & predictive intelligence to create conversational self-learning bots for messaging platforms, healthcare, personalised services & more.

My talk will be titled: Believable Virtual Suspects – Virtual Humans that Role-Play as a Suspect in a Practise Police Interview

A virtual character that behaves as a human can be used to train people in social interactions. For example, a virtual agent that plays the role of a suspect in practice police interviews can be used by students of the police academy to hone their interrogation skills. Creating a virtual character that behaves as a human is a challenge we approach by looking at how humans behave in this situation. We find psychological concepts and theories that explain the behaviour of humans and use these to create a behaviour selection model for the virtual character. The result is a virtual character, a virtual suspect, that behaves in a believable and (anti)social manner.

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