A Feline Space Opera – A Short Comic by BingChat

Text and images generated by BingChat, initial creativity, prompt engineering and selection of results by Merijn.

Meet our hero, Captain Squeak. He is a brave and adventurous mouse who loves exploring the galaxy in his spaceship. He has a mission: to find the legendary planet of cheese, where he hopes to find his true happiness.

But Captain Squeak is not alone in his quest. He has enemies: the Furry Feline Friends. They are a cunning group of space spies who want to catch their arch nemesis, the mouse who always escapes their traps. They have a secret weapon: a giant laser cannon that can destroy anything in its path. They will stop at nothing to get their revenge.

The chase is on. Captain Squeak and the Furry Feline Friends are engaged in a fierce space battle, high above a red planet. The cat spaceship is bigger and stronger, but the mouse spaceship is faster and smarter. They fire lasers and missiles at each other, dodging and weaving through the asteroids. Who will win this epic showdown?

Disaster! The Red Claw, the lead cat spaceship, is hit by a feline-seeking missile from Captain Squeak. The villain, Commander Whiskers, quickly jumps through the main viewing screen to escape the blast. His life partner, a beautiful white-nosed patches cat named Fluffy, flashes before his mind’s eye. He remembers their first kiss, their wedding day, their last goodbye. Is this the end for him? Will he ever see her again?

Saved, for now. Commander Whiskers awaits rescue in his escape cat basket, pride hurt but feline fine. He had a close call, but he managed to grab an escape cat basket from the storage room before jumping out of the exploding spaceship. He hopes his crewmates are safe too. He watches as Captain Squeak flies away in his mouse spaceship, victorious. He clenches his paws and hisses: “I’ll get you next time, space mouse! You haven’t seen the last of me!”


I asked BingChat to take a look at this website and this is the resulting exchange. I’m amazed at the power and realism of the interactions with these LLMs and generative AI!