Coffee Love

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I love coffee, music and science. Despite my best efforts, I am not very proficient in making music, but not due to a lack of trying or support from my musically gifted father, who even gifted me a top-quality guitar. I am, however, slightly better at ‘playing around’ (a euphemism for science-ing) with AI. So here is my attempt to have AI create a song about coffee.

The initial version of the lyrics was created by whatever LLM uses, prompted to write lyrics for the song titled “Coffee Love.” These initial lyrics were further refined by ChatGPT 3.5, with the prompt “We’re going to rewrite some lyrics. the structure of the lyrics needs to remain the same: 2 verses (8 lines) and a chorus. I want you to add references to Utrecht University and to the life of a researcher.” The resulting lyrics, listed below, were fed into the prompted to create a “Bouncy Funk” song.

The result is pretty catchy! So for the foreseeable future, I have a theme song for coffee runs at the university.

Coffee Love

Every morning, I rise with a scholarly yearning
For that scholarly cup, my intellectual awakening (yeah)
The aroma permeates, a scientific revelation
Gotta fuel my brain, Utrecht University’s invitation (oh-yeah)

[Verse 2]
I indulge, and it’s like unlocking wisdom’s gate
Stimulating my thoughts, a cognitive state (ooh yeah)
The bittersweet flavor, it’s my academic predilection
Can’t escape the allure of this research-driven addiction (oh-yeah)

Coffee love, it’s a journey through scholarly pursuits (journey through scholarly pursuits)
An intellectual symphony, a drive like no other (oh-oh)
With every sip, I delve deeper into investigation (delve deeper into investigation)
Coffee love, my academic devotion (oh-yeah yeah)