For the press

Please feel free to contact me through your preferred medium (in English / of in het Nederlands).

Media coverage

I am very fortunate that mainstream media have shown an interest in much of my work. Besides that it is pretty cool, it is also a great way to connect with society. Questions from journalists are the perfect sanity-check: “Are we still doing things that are relevant?” Media exposure is a great way to show the general public what we (or at least me) are doing as scientists.



NEMO Kennislink – De virtuele toekomst van politietrainingen (Virtual Agents: Virtual Suspect)

COMMIT/News – De getrainde politieagent en het perfecte sprookje (Virtual Agents: Virtual Suspect)

NTR: De Kennis van Nu – De ideale leugenaar (Virtual Agents: Project AVATAR)


How We Get To Next – The Police Are Recruiting Interrogation Bots (Virtual Suspect)

Technisch Weekblad – Futuristische Maaltijden (Tasty Bits & Bytes)

UT Nieuws – Spelen met eten (Tasty Bits & Bytes)


UT Nieuws – Digital Food Revolution (Tasty Bits & Bytes)


TEDxTwenteU – Skype on wheels (*Bot)

BNR Eyeopeners – Virtuele verdachten verhoren (Virtual Suspect)

CloudWorks – The Big Future of Data toont slimme ICT-toepassingen (Virtual Suspect)

Scientias – Virtual humans leiden rechercheurs van de toekomst op (Virtual Suspect)

UT Nieuws – Making telepresence robots cooler (*Bot)

UT Nieuws – PhD student co-creating a virtual police suspect (Virtual Suspect)


Telegraaf Wetenschapsbijlage – Avatar in de verhoorkamer (Virtual Suspect)