Tasty Bits and Bytes in Japan

November was a month filled with amazing tech and interesting food. I went to Japan to present two papers from our Tasty Bits and Bytes project at the conference for Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE’16) and at a workshop on Multi-Sensoral Approaches to Human-Food Interaction (MHFI’16) at the International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI’16). From vending machines for smartphones to heated toilet seats that use enthusiastic sounds to welcome you back and from Edamame to Yakitori, Japan is a real must see for tech enthusiasts and food lovers. This appreciation for food and tech might have played a role in securing a best paper award at the ACE’16 conference. Congratulation to Gijs Huisman and Dirk Heylen, my fellow authors!

It was very pleasant to meet so many people interested in Tasty Bits and Bytes at the MHFI workshop and I am hopeful for future collaborations. At the end of the workshop we decided to create a special issue dedicated to food and technology. Most likely this will be published at frontiers in ICT – Human Media Interaction (link)

Anyway, the links to the papers:

  • A Moving Feast: Effects of Color, Shape and Animation on Taste Associations and Taste Perceptions. (2016). Huisman, G., Bruijnes, M., & Heylen, D. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE’16). (link) (pdf)
  • Tast Tech: Human-Food Interaction and Multimodal Interfaces. (2016). Bruijnes, M., Huisman, G., & Heylen, D. Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Multi-sensorial Approaches to Human-Food Interaction (MHFI’16) (link) (pdf)

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