About me


MerijnDr. Merijn Bruijnes holds a Ph.D. from the Human Media Interaction Group (HMI) of the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Currently, he works as a post-doc researcher on dialogue models and response selection models for virtual agents at the same group. His thesis focussed on a virtual agent that plays the role of a suspect in role-play training of police interviews, which can be used by students of the police academy to hone their interrogation skills. Additionally, he is interested in the societal impact that novel communication technologies such as telepresence robotics can have (see project *Bot). His interest in new technologies also extend to the food domain. He aims to use interactive technology to improve the experience of food and drinks (see project Tasty Bits & Bytes). Merijn holds an M.Sc. in Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics obtained at the University of Twente.

Curriculum Vitae – updated Aug 2016